November 9, 2015

Membership Details

The MetroCloudAlliance suite of technologies can add additional resources to complement or substitute your existing data and infrastructure. Leveraging the experience in supporting the data needs and typical application deployment support of transportation agencies will provide your agency with new and exciting resources. Utilize the collected data, infrastructure, APIs and the knowledge base from countless thousands of hours of engineering bringing the solution to your team faster then ever before.

  • Community Platform & Knowledge Library – Joining any membership level provides access to contribute and benefit with other agencies in our exclusive member only knowledge library. This private curated repository of project solutions has been created to further the technical knowledge and efficiency of our community members.
  • Membership Levels – Mix and match membership levels to your specific needs.
  • All-Pro and All-Enhanced Discounts – 10% discount when joining all Pro membership levels, 5% discount when joining all Enhanced membership levels.

Membership Benefits

Exclusively for transportation agencies

Map Data & APIs

Access to our exclusive map data library and APIs that will accelerate your project forward

Content Delivery Network

Optimized for the content that transportation agencies utilize streamlined for GIS/Mapping APIs

Cloud Infrastructure

Utilize battle tested / production ready infrastructure to support your core project goals

Transportation Toolkits

Toolkits and implementation strategies developed specifically for transportation agencies

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