Realtime Aggregation System – MetroCloudAlliance

In order to facilitate regional information management, Nexidyne systems communicate with all available online real-time sources of information throughout the region. This process collects information for every carrier that is available and pulls and normalizes it. Realtime feeds typically contain vehicle locations, static stop locations, service alerts, and predictions. This information is consumed throughout our other applications such as our Trip Planner, Scheduling system, Displays module, and our Map Assets Database.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (LA Metro), working with MetroCloudAlliance has designed and implemented both a hardware and software solution to collect and present real time information. Utilizing this constant feed of information, riders are presented with real time location information, arrival predictions, and augmented schedules.

Vehicle location information is collected using an onboard ruggedized wireless gateway that sends information to central servers and provides a wireless access point for riders. This gateway also has the capability of supporting custom applications such as Metro’s OnBoard application that provides riders with information on the upcoming stops and tracks the vehicle along the route.