Route Management / Scheduling System for Public Transit

Route Management

The Route Maintenance System provides an accurate and easy-to-use interface to maintain transit routing information. With this system, users can quickly create and update vehicle routes and scheduling information and deploy it into production. When data commits are deployed in the system, GTFS is also automatically generated and provided as an URL for consumption by other Trip Planner software.
Intelligent routing API leverages street map data to automatically snap to roads, saving time and improving geo-spatial accuracy when creating routes. This provides the user with a method to quickly draw out the stops and have the route line automatically follow the street network.
To improve inter-agency transfers, the system is loaded with 75+ local carriers including LA Metro. This improves the ability to manage and optimize at a regional scale.

Scheduling Module

To create and maintain scheduling information associated with each of the transit patterns, the schedule editor provides an online interface similar to a spreadsheet editor. Time point entries are validated on the fly and provide warnings if there are conflicts. Through this interface, users are able to enter specific values for each of the timepoints as well as export and import functionality to populate from csv formats used in other spreadsheet applications. If vehicle location information is active within the Realtime Module, schedules can also be validated against historical data providing warnings where vehicles are often running ahead or behind schedule.